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Nurturing Technology™

Nurtured by Design is the Leader in Innovation in Ergonomics Engineering for Healing Woman/Child

The Zaky

The Zaky is an award winning, evidence-based, ergonomically-designed device that assists with a newborn’s bonding, sleep, safety, sense of security, and posture. Currently, the Zaky is used in hundreds of hospitals around the world. It has the shape, weight, size, and touch of your hand and forearm. Scent it by placing it behind the neck or on the chest for at least one hour, and wash it inside the bag that comes with The Zaky.

kangaroo zak

The best place for newborns (preemies or healthy babies up to 3 months of age), is skin-to-skin on the chest of the parent. The Kangaroo Zak is the only ergonomic device for safe, comfortable, and prolonged kangaroo care sessions. It is a shirt made specifically for parents to hold preemies and healthy newborns.

Zen by Zak Wellness

Zen by Zak Wellness is our line of organic skin products that are designed specifically for infants. Our formulations never include synthetics, chemicals, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, or fragrances.

Our Inspiration

At Nurtured by Design we work on behalf of Zachary Jackson.
A true story of love, science, and a promise to change the world of babies.

In 2001, our CEO, Yamile Jackson (Ph.D. in ergonomics and human factors engineering), gave birth prematurely to Zachary, who weighed less than 2 lbs. Three weeks later, Zachary survived the deluge of Tropical Storm Allison that flooded his hospital in Houston, Texas and shut down all the power to his life-support equipment. His parents and the NICU staff kept him alive “by hand” for 9 hours until he was evacuated. Zachary was hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 5 months and his incredible story of survival was the inspiration of the TNT movie “14:Hours” sponsored by Johnson and Johnson. Yamile used her maternal instinct and professional abilities to humanize his care and provide him a more loving world where he could thrive. She promised Zachary that his pain and struggle to survive were not going to be in vain. Nurtured by Design is the pioneer and leader of ergonomics and human factors engineering applied to parents and children in low and high tech settings globally. Zachary is a healthy teenager and is Nurtured by Design’s CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer.)

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our customers

What started with a promise to help preemies has expanded to older children and adults!
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Preemies and Healthy Babies up to 3 months old

Only the products of our Nurturing Technology™ provide evidence-based nurturing developmental care for every baby around the clock. We help babies sleep and feel nurtured as we welcome them to this world.
Our Nurturing Technology™ consists of The Zaky™ and Kangaroo Zak.
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Infants, Toddlers, and older children

Whether your child is healthy or has medical issues, has trouble sleeping, or is experiencing separation anxiety, The Zaky is an extension of the loving hands of the parents that help the child fall asleep and stay asleep. Scent The Zaky by placing it behind the neck or on the chest, then leave with the child.
Just as the adults, children need to feel loved, safe, and comfortable to fall asleep. The Zaky provides the ergonomic environment conducive to relaxation and sleep.
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Healthcare Staff

Our Nurturing Technology is all you need for around the clock and evidence-based nurturing developmental care: One pair of The Zaky virtually replaces all developmental care devices on the bed/incubator. The Kangaroo Zak is ergonomically designed for kangaroo care in any hospital setting and at home.
We are the only company that provides evidence-based and ergonomic healthcare as the standard of care. Our Nurturing Technology reduces cost of all the supply chain, increases patient safety and parental intervention, and work on prevention or reduction of malformations and developmental deficiencies commonly associated with prematurity or hospitalization.
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New Parents, Working, Traveling, or Deployed Parents

We never want to walk away but we must attend to other responsibilities. The Zaky helps you stay “connected” with a son or daughter, or an elder parent, or sick loved one. Nurtured by Design helps you nurture your child when you are together and also when you must be apart from each other.
Scent the Zaky by placing it behind the neck or on the chest for at least one hour, and leave it with your loved one. The Kangaroo Zak provides an ergonomic and safe environment for skin-to-skin sessions with any adult.

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