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Go to Take the Pledge for Kangaroo Care

Take the Pledge for Kangaroo Care

Take the Pledge and help us share what everyone is doing globally to celebrate the 6th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day! Let’s show that is a global practice!

Go to Pledge #1: CELEBRATE!

Pledge #1: CELEBRATE!

There are many ways to celebrate kangaroo care. It all starts with you and what makes sense in your community, family, or workplace. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Go to Pledge #2: ENGAGE!

Pledge #2: ENGAGE!

Inspire families and professionals by helping them practice kangaroo care and doing hands-on activities while holding their babies. In just one session you can set a parent and professionals on the exciting path practicing and learning about kangaroo care.

Go to Pledge #3: SHARE!

Pledge #3: SHARE!

Examples of the amazing kangaroo care benefits and ways to improve the practice are everywhere. Share them with the world!

Our Inspiration

Human Touch and Nurturing World On Behalf Of Zachary Jackson.
A true story of love, science, and a promise to change the world of babies.

On May 15th 2001, Yamile Jackson (Ph.D. in ergonomics and human factors engineering), gave birth 12 weeks prematurely to Zachary, who weighed less than 2 lbs. Yamile, a native from Colombia, remembered hearing about Kangaroo Care as a little girl, so with the support of the NICU staff she and Larry held Zachary 4-7 hours every day. Three weeks later, Zachary survived the deluge of Tropical Storm Allison that flooded his hospital in Houston, Texas and shut down all the power including his life-support equipment. Yamile held him on her chest and Larry and the NICU staff took turns "bagging him" for 9 hours until he was evacuated. Zachary was hospitalized for 5 months and his incredible story of survival was the inspiration of the TNT movie “14:Hours” sponsored by Johnson and Johnson. Yamile promised Zachary that his pain and struggle to survive were not going to be in vain and she is true to that promise. Their company, Nurtured by Design, is the pioneer and leader of ergonomics and human factors engineering applied to making devices that help translate evidence into practice to provide nurturing developmental care around the clock, from birth, to every child. Her designs, The Zaky and the Kangaroo Zak, are elevating the care of babies in low and high tech settings globally. Zachary is a healthy teenager and is the inspiration of the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day. He is also Nurtured by Design’s CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer.)

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