7th International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

May 15th, 2018

Kangaroo Care, Skin to Skin Contact, Kangaroo Mother Care, positively impact the world of newborns, families, professionals, and society at large.

Take the pledge – Celebrate, Engage, and/or Share Kangaroo Care!

Let’s surround their world with our love!

Whether you are a parent, a healthcare professional, a volunteer, or you simply support the practice of babies being held skin-to-skin, we invite you to take the pledge to support Kangaroo Care!  Be Counted!

Kangaroo Care Awareness Day brings together the international community to:

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of researchers, staff, and families that advance the practice and have some fun!  More
  • Engage professionals and parents in learning activities and practicing kangaroo care. More
  • Share the amazing stories of people touched by kangaroo care every day.  Download logs and logos for Kangaroo Care. More

Be part of the movement that celebrates this amazing practice and helps grow our next generation of babies.

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