2017 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – Bulgaria

by Nina Nikolova, Bulgaria “On the 15 of May The first Bulgarian foundation “Our Premature Children” marks the beginning of the International  Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in Bulgaria. Kangaroo-care is a key element of family-centered care and the most effective way to involve parents in the care of their babies, with the most proven benefits. Read more about 2017 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – Bulgaria[…]


1. Does Nurtured by Design provide support on teaching the nurses/mothers how to use The Zaky? Yes, we provide help online for NICU staff and parents, in print, and in person. We also visit hospitals and talk to nurses, mothers, and other health professionals. Contact us with any requests, comments, or questions. 2. What hospital units use Read more about FAQ’s[…]

Checklist for KC Professionals and Parents

Checklist for the medical staff in NICU: -Explain to the adult the benefits of the Kangaroo Care Method for preemies and for parents. -Explain the proper Kangaroo Position. -Plan all  placements of medical devices on the baby/bed so that they are easy to handle during transfer. -Confirm the eligibility of the baby and the parent and Read more about Checklist for KC Professionals and Parents[…]