2017 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – Bulgaria

by Nina Nikolova, Bulgaria “On the 15 of May The first Bulgarian foundation “Our Premature Children” marks the beginning of the International  Kangaroo Care Awareness Day in Bulgaria. Kangaroo-care is a key element of family-centered care and the most effective way to involve parents in the care of their babies, with the most proven benefits. Read more about 2017 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – Bulgaria[…]

Who are we?

We are engineers, ergonomists, and professionals working to help parents nurture their children 24/7. Whether the child is hospitalized or simply not sleeping because of separation anxiety when the mom/dad cannot be present, our products help provide a human and ergonomic support that is important to soothe, position, comfort, and support, all of which are necessary Read more about Who are we?[…]

How to Use the Kangaroo Zak

Please note that the mom in these instructions has a brown Kangaroo Zak to be discreet for the pictures but disregard it and do not use anything under the Kangaroo Zak. Parents must wear the Kangaroo Zak with NOTHING underneath leaving the zippers on the side to avoid pressure points on the back of the Read more about How to Use the Kangaroo Zak[…]

Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Benefits for the parents include: Enhanced attachment and bonding (Tessier et al., 1998). Resilience and feelings of confidence, competence, and satisfaction regarding baby care (Tessier et al., 1998; Conde Agudelo, Diaz Rossello, & Belizan, 2003; Kirsten, Bergman, & Hann, 2001). Increased milk volume, doubled rates of successful breastfeeding and increased duration of breastfeeding (Mohrbacher & Read more about Benefits of Kangaroo Care[…]

What is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo Care, Skin-To-Skin Contact, and Kangaroo Mother Care are terms that relate to the holding of a diaper clad infant bare-chest to bare-chest, ventral-surface to ventral-surface by the mother, father, or others(Source: USIKC). This method was invented in Bogota, Colombia, and consists of skin to skin contact between the adult and baby, from the time Read more about What is Kangaroo Care?[…]

What is the Kangaroo Zak?

The Kangaroo Zak™ is the only device designed with the sole objective of facilitating safe, prolonged, and effective kangaroo care sessions in the NICU and post-partum. It provides comfort to the baby and virtually eliminates the risk of accidental falls and slipping that causes dislodging of medical equipment. It also facilitates immediate access to the baby in Read more about What is the Kangaroo Zak?[…]

Checklist for KC Professionals and Parents

Checklist for the medical staff in NICU: -Explain to the adult the benefits of the Kangaroo Care Method for preemies and for parents. -Explain the proper Kangaroo Position. -Plan all  placements of medical devices on the baby/bed so that they are easy to handle during transfer. -Confirm the eligibility of the baby and the parent and Read more about Checklist for KC Professionals and Parents[…]