Nurturing Cameron – California (CTICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

We’ve grown up with The Zaky! Our daughter has come to rely on The Zaky both inside and outside the hospital. Cameron has had six hospital stays since birth and The Zaky has been by her side each time. She sleeps with her pair of The Zakys every night and we always bring them with us when traveling. Her The Zakys are so important they have been dubbed her “Nigh Nigh hands” and have earned a note in Cameron’s baby book: I had the The Zaky Hands (lime color) to help me get to sleep every naptime and night.

Nurturing Whit and Ford

By their mom, Elizabeth M On July 1, 2014 my husband and I welcomed twin boys into this world at 25 weeks gestation. They were about as small as babies can be with doctors still offering hope of survival. Ford weighed 1 lb 8 oz and Whit weighed 1 lb 12 oz. As you can Read more about Nurturing Whit and Ford[…]

Tiny Tabitha Foundation (Scotland) makes a difference in babies’ lives: Nurturing Ashleigh

“After the shock of having Ashleigh, our 29 weeker in 2014, and all the problems associated with that, followed the heartbreak of not taking our precious baby home at night, the Tiny Tabatha Foundation donated The Zaky, and it was good to know that she had a protecting hand over her comforting her in our Read more about Tiny Tabitha Foundation (Scotland) makes a difference in babies’ lives: Nurturing Ashleigh[…]

Complementing Kangaroo Care with the Zakys

The benefits of providing the best possible environment for the baby do not have to stop with Kangaroo Care. Unfortunately, parents are often not available to kangaroo  or the baby is not ready for the session. To provide supportive care around the clock, complement Kangaroo Care with The Zaky, which is the only device that keeps Read more about Complementing Kangaroo Care with the Zakys[…]