FAQ: Should The Zaky be sent home with the baby at NICU discharge?

Yamile designed The Zaky to help babies from birth until they  don’t need them anymore – we see customers using them for years! The Zaky helps with positioning, containment,  boundaries, bonding with family, transitioning, soothing,  and self-regulation and it is arguably the most valued tool that help a baby sleep in a nurturing and developmentally Read more about FAQ: Should The Zaky be sent home with the baby at NICU discharge?[…]

Nurturing Cameron – California (CTICU at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

We’ve grown up with The Zaky! Our daughter has come to rely on The Zaky both inside and outside the hospital. Cameron has had six hospital stays since birth and The Zaky has been by her side each time. She sleeps with her pair of The Zakys every night and we always bring them with us when traveling. Her The Zakys are so important they have been dubbed her “Nigh Nigh hands” and have earned a note in Cameron’s baby book: I had the The Zaky Hands (lime color) to help me get to sleep every naptime and night.

Nurturing Henry and Chuck, from Houston, TX

“My boys, Henry and Chuck, were born unexpectedly at 24+1 weeks and 24+2 weeks at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX. Henry weighed 1 lb 5 oz and Chuck weighed 1 lb 8 oz. One of our amazing primary nurses told us right away about The Zaky and we ordered them each a pair. Read more about Nurturing Henry and Chuck, from Houston, TX[…]


1. Does Nurtured by Design provide support on teaching the nurses/mothers how to use The Zaky? Yes, we provide help online for NICU staff and parents, in print, and in person. We also visit hospitals and talk to nurses, mothers, and other health professionals. Contact us with any requests, comments, or questions. 2. What hospital units use Read more about FAQ’s[…]

Research on The Zaky

This research was published in the September 2015 issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews. The Zaky is a product by Nurtured by Design and it is the only device on the market designed to provide nurturing developmental care to babies in the NICU since it was released in 2004 after almost four years of development. It Read more about Research on The Zaky[…]

Complementing Kangaroo Care with the Zakys

The benefits of providing the best possible environment for the baby do not have to stop with Kangaroo Care. Unfortunately, parents are often not available to kangaroo  or the baby is not ready for the session. To provide supportive care around the clock, complement Kangaroo Care with The Zaky, which is the only device that keeps Read more about Complementing Kangaroo Care with the Zakys[…]

Benefits of the Zaky

Neurological Development:  Your baby must feel protected in order for it to develop. The Zaky helps with this. Proper and repeated use of The Zaky helps the baby learn self-relaxation behaviors that allow him/her to return to a state of calm. Physical Development: Use of The Zaky improves sleeping patterns and digestion and decreases the potential need of Read more about Benefits of the Zaky[…]

How do you use the Zakys?

Nurtured by Design supports the American Academy of Pediatrics “Back to Sleep Program”.  Ask your pediatrician for information about The Zaky. A pair of The Zakys are virtually all you need to provide effective and ergonomic developmental care to newborn babies as they may be used in any number of ways to position and comfort, Read more about How do you use the Zakys?[…]

What are Zakys?

The Zaky is the only evidence-based developmental care device for neonates and are designed to simulate parental intervention. They help parents and professionals provide the most comprehensive support to the development of the newborn, regardless of size, medical condition, or developmental stage. The features of The Zaky are unmatched: Unique: The Zaky is the only device with clinical evidence that Read more about What are Zakys?[…]