Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Benefits for the parents include: Enhanced attachment and bonding (Tessier et al., 1998). Resilience and feelings of confidence, competence, and satisfaction regarding baby care (Tessier et al., 1998; Conde Agudelo, Diaz Rossello, & Belizan, 2003; Kirsten, Bergman, & Hann, 2001). Increased milk volume, doubled rates of successful breastfeeding and increased duration of breastfeeding (Mohrbacher &[…]

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Here’s Why Experts Say You Shouldn’t Wash Your Baby After Birth: a wait of at least 24 hours is recommended

By Rebecca Shinners May 18, 2016 “Mothers of teenagers, think back to the happy day when your son or daughter was born: Shortly after birth your infant was likely taken away from you. It was to be expected—after all, the baby needed to be cleaned up and washed off. But now, experts are saying there’s evidence that[…]

A heartwarming image of premature twins resting on their brother and father’s chest

Written by Jimmy Nsubuga for Sunday 22 May 2016 5:55 pm Read More: “Skin to Skin Contact is not “new”, but Sweden certainly leads the way in making this care family-friendly even for very tiny babies. I love this picture of big brother helping his dad care for the twins! “Revolutionary and innovative[…]