Massage Therapy and Oils for Babies in the NICUs

by Yamile Jackson I interviewed Dr Andrea Aldana about how to perform massage therapy during Kangaroo Care in the NICU. This interview was during the Kangaroo Care Conference in Italy in November 2016. Here is the research that I have found, please comment below if you have more info.  The most used is a couple Read more about Massage Therapy and Oils for Babies in the NICUs[…]

We Redefine Parenting in the Hospital

“25 years ago, NICU technology was the center of the universe and the baby was in the background with no mother. Now, the Mother and child are the center of the universe and the technology is in the background.” -Dr. White Parents are no longer “visitors” feeling impotent and experiencing high rates of depression. Parents Read more about We Redefine Parenting in the Hospital[…]

Research on The Zaky

This research was published in the September 2015 issue of Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews. The Zaky is a product by Nurtured by Design and it is the only device on the market designed to provide nurturing developmental care to babies in the NICU since it was released in 2004 after almost four years of development. It Read more about Research on The Zaky[…]

Our Inspiration

In 2001, Dr. Yamile Jackson developed severe pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy. In order to save her life, Zachary was born prematurely weighing less than two pounds. Three weeks after his birth, he survived the deluge of Tropical Storm Allison that flooded Houston and shut down all power to his hospital and his life-support equipment. His parents and Read more about Our Inspiration[…]