Vanessa Alley nurtured her baby with The Zaky in the NICU

Yamile Jackson thank you so much for this wonderful creation! You helped us more than you realize through our son’s NICU journey with the Zaky.

Keira Sorrell, from Zoe’s Foundation, was wonderful enough to connect you and I when we first entered the NICU, and you were kind enough to send us training videos and walked us through how to properly use it (and to feel empowered to do so).

This outreach and The Zaky gave us the ability to nurture him despite the maze of wires and boundaries.

So I just wanted to personally thank you, and let you know our 25 weeker is turning 2 in April! He’s happy and healthy and we have his The Zaky in a shadow box to keep it close to us forever. 💜 #StrongAsAKnox”

Vanessa Alley

Here are the photos from 2015 and 2017 💜

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