Massage Therapy and Oils for Babies in the NICUs

by Yamile Jackson

I interviewed Dr Andrea Aldana about how to perform massage therapy during Kangaroo Care in the NICU. This interview was during the Kangaroo Care Conference in Italy in November 2016.

Here is the research that I have found, please comment below if you have more info.  The most used is a couple of drops of grapeseeed oil.  It is recommended for the parent to massage during kangaroo care.

This article says “High-grade coconut and safflower oils have been studied on premature babies.”

Coconut oil

A mixture of coconut oil and Meadowfoam oil

Not use olive oil

Olive oil better than water (still olive oil is not recommended)

Cream (not massage)

Cream – which kind did they use?

Web/blogs also mentions Ayurvedic massage oil,

Sunflower oil

Topical ointment should not be used periodically:

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