Kangaroo Care Blog

The time is finally here! We are now accepting contributions for the Kangaroos and Penguins online magazine.

Why do we call it “Kangaroos & Penguins”? The term “Kangaroo Care” and our Kangaroo Zak are inspired by the way a mother kangaroo carries her joey in her pouch. In addition, it is very important that dads hold their babies skin-to-skin, the same way the father emperor penguin holds his baby to keep it warm while the mother goes to hunt for several weeks after laying the egg.

Let us feature you!
Please send us your contribution so we can feature it in several ways: our newsletter, this blog, or sharing it globally.


Send us an email to get started.
Send an email to yamile@nurturedbydesign.com or social@nurturedbydesign.com with your confirmation of your intent to participate (what material and roughly when we will receive it) or send us your story. We will then follow up with you.

Thank you in advance for taking an active role in spreading the word about Kangaroo Care!